New immersive experiences for groups in Bizkaia

At Kabia Gestión we like to innovate and that is why, this time, we bring you new experiences for groups in Bizkaia, totally immersive, in collaboration with Ekitalde. Your next adventure will be full of mystery and enigmas that you will have to solve as a team, while enjoying a wonderful environment in the Urdaibai Reserve. Are you in?

Ekitalde offers unique experiences, where you will live in other times, places and impersonate characters taken from the best detective novels. All this from our luxury home in Ojangoiti. A perfect plan for groups of friends, large families (over 14 years old) and Companies!

Cluedo in Ojangoiti | Discover the murderer of Mr. Stavros

Stavros Honnassis, a business magnate, is having a party aboard his brand new ship “Honnassis III” and you have been invited, along with other friends and family, to enjoy a few days of fun on his Mediterranean cruise.

With your invitation in hand, you show up at the agreed time to meet Stavros and depart on the luxury cruise. Everything indicated that it would be a few days of rest sailing through the Mediterranean. However, to the bewilderment of everyone on board, the host’s corpse appears during the night. What seemed to be a pleasure trip suddenly turns into a disturbing mystery, where no one is what they seem and one of the guests is the murderer.

How does the game work?

The game will begin with a lunch that is part of it. At the end of the little appetizer, a murder will take place, so you will all be trapped and you will have to find out who of all of you is the murderer.

You will go around the house looking for clues whose information will appear on your phones, events will happen where you will have to be at a specific time in a specific place in the house.

There will be a lunch that will serve to share their clues, theories, etc. and the activity will continue to take place until the afternoon, where we will meet in the Agatha Christie-style room, to debate, accusing each other and exposing the various theories, until, finally, we solve the case.

At the end, 3 prizes will be awarded, for the best researcher, best costume and best interpretation.

How to participate in the group experience?

You can hire the activity for a closed group of between 10 and 12 people. It is advisable to do it at least 2 weeks in advance, but always ask.

The activity takes place during one day. Mr. Stavros, who is the host, will meet us in the living room and present your Investigator Kit, an explanation of the rules and the mobile application that you will use on your phones when you find clues. The activity allows the participant complete freedom of action and decision-making, which gives them a rewarding feeling of control in solving the case.

Other immersive experiences in Bizkaia for companies

At Kabia we want to introduce you to other specific immersive experiences for companies. Some group activities to work on aspects such as teamwork, collaboration between colleagues and empathy that can be carried out in the companies’ own offices, in hotels, etc.

Toast to a Dead: Activity to be carried out for companies between 20 and 40 people

This is an interpretive game about the mafia of the 1920s. A story where the participants must take a role in a plot in which they will use underworld tactics to achieve their goals and solve the murder.

Open Case: Activity for groups of 4-6 people (min. 20 parts and max. 60 parts)

The participants must solve a murder case that is about to be closed forever. To do this, future FBI candidates are called to solve the case, analyzing files, written interviews, DNA analysis, evidence, etc. Finally, the prize will be awarded to the group with the highest score.

Contact us at 944 58 34 83 or at to request more information about this. Enjoy new dream destinations through personalized experiences.

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